The 36th Annual Conference of the German Classification Society on
Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
August 1-3, 2012, Hildesheim, Germany
About GfKl 2012
Important Dates
Areas and Topics
Past GfKl 2011 in Frankfurt
15 January 2013:
Deadline camera-ready version

Camera ready version:

For the camera ready version we need both the latex files as well as the pdf file of your paper.

Please prepare the camera ready version of your paper by regarding the following instructions:

Please make sure that your latex source file conforms to the Springer style for contributed books. See the Manuscript Guidelines of Springer for instructions. You can find a template here by downloading (contributed books). As all files in the folders templates and styles are needed, copy them together into one folder and transfer your paper content into the file author.tex and your references to referenc.tex, and rename author.tex into gfkl2012<your_last_name><paper_id>.tex.

ATTENTION: Citation formatting should be AUTHORS' LIST, YEAR in accordance to the formatting conventions of the GfKl postproceedings series. Furthermore, use the command "\abstract" instead of "\abstract*" for your submission.

After improving your paper and adapting it to the Springer style, upload ALL your files as:

and a .zip file containing as an attachment to EasyChair here latest 15 January 2013.