The 36th Annual Conference of the German Classification Society on
Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
August 1-3, 2012, Hildesheim, Germany
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AREA Data Analysis and Classification in Marketing

Call for Contributions to the Area:

In five decades, marketing has been an important field of application for a multitude of data analysis and classification methods. Data-based decision support is provided, for example, with respect to market segmentation, market structuring, target marketing as well as new product development, pricing, product positioning, and cross-media communication. Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to innovative methods for data analysis and classification in marketing, in-depth investigations of established data analysis and classification methods in marketing research, as well as the development and empirical verification of methods for new types of marketing data.

Topics for this Area (Selection):

Remarks: In addition to the above fields, we explicitly encourage the submission of contributions on successful applications of data analysis and classification methods in new fields of marketing, beyond the beaten paths.

Scientific Program Committee:
Daniel Baier, BTU Cottbus, Germany (Area Chair)
Reinhold Decker, Univ. Bielefeld, Germany (Area Chair)