Deliverable Description
D1.1 Report on the design and architecture of onboard technology and wireless communication technology
D1.3 Report on Packet Scheduling/Routing Algoriothms
D2.1 Report with data flow analysis and system architecture
D2.2 Report on basic predictive analytics models
D3.1 Report covering requirements specification, data-flow analysis and the system architecture
D3.2 Report on eco-routing computation techniques
D3.3 Prototype basic eco route prediction
D4.1 Report on initial requirements specification and conceptual framework
D5.1 Report on collecting requirements and specification
D6.1.1 First report on Dissemination
D6.2.1 First report on Exploitation
D6.3.1 First report on Contributions to Standards
D1.4.1 Intelligent V2V and V2I Communication (Pre-final)
D2.3.1 Advanced Predictive Analytics Methods (Pre-final)
D2.4 Report with Localized Motion Prediction Algorithms in Vehicular Environments (Pre-final)
D3.4 Report on Eco-Routing Computation Techniques (Pre-final)
D4.2 Report on First Pilot (to be used for field study 1) (Pre-final)
D4.3.1 Report on Second Pilot (Pre-final)
D5.2 Report on Collective Evaluation from Field Trials in Phase-1 (Pre-final)
D6.1.2 Second Report on Dissemination
D6.2.2 Second Report on Exploitation (Pre-final)
D6.3.2 Second Report on Contribution to Standards (Pre-final)