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Information Extraction and Retrieval Session at the
11th Conference of the International Federation of
Classification Societies (IFCS 2009)
Dresden, Germany, March 13-18, 2009

Objectives and Topics

Information extraction (IE) aims at learning structured information from unstructured, often heterogenous data sets of large size. Many effort has been done on IE, however exploiting the represented knowledge, to query, retriev and transform it to valuable information, support decision based on it, especially in complex, practical cases, remains a challange.

This session aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners of IE. We would like to explore the state of the art, evolve IE models and techniques and identify future challenges and applications. We intend to cover a broad range of approaches. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Ontology Extraction, Relation and Taxonomy Learning, (Semi-)automatical Merge of Ontologies
  • Integration and Mutual Benefits of IE and Data Mining, interaction between IE and the Semantic Web
  • Similarity and Semantic Search for a Single Medium and Multi Media
  • Annotation of Media, like texts, images, audio signals and videos, Tag Recommendation
  • Named Entity Recognition, Correference Resolution
  • Theoretical Results on Convergence, Generalisation Bounds, Characteristics of Problems
  • Evaluation of IE Methods, Benefit of IE from Pre- and Postprocessing Techniques, Verification of Information using internal or external sources
  • Extraction of Information from Massive Corpora (such as the Internet), Scalability of IE approaches
  • Novel Applications of IE
  • Exploiting Cross-Lingual and Multi-Lingual Approaches for improving performance in IE


Papers of the conference will be published in a post-conference proceedings volume in the series Studies in Classification, Data Analysis and Knowledge Organization with Springer-Verlag after having passed a refereeing process. Long or advanced versions of papers can be submitted to the journals Advances in Data Analysis and Classification (ADAC) and Journal of Classification that both will publish a Special Issue for IFCS 2009.

You are invited to submit your abstract via the conference web site. All abstracts will undergo a reviewing process. Accepted abstracts will be distributed to the conference participants at the conference. Detailed information about the submission and refereeing procedure as well as formatting instructions (for abstracts as well as for proceedings papers) can be found on the conference website. When submitting your paper via the conference web site, please make sure to select the Information Extraction and Retrieval session.

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Important Dates

- November 03, 2008: deadline for abstracts
- December 17, 2009: notification of acceptance of abstracts
- January 19, 2009: end of early-bird registration
- March 13-18, 2009: conference
- April 6, 2009: deadline for papers for post-conference proceedings
- June 29, 2009: notification of acceptance of papers
- July 20, 2009: camera-ready version of papers

Organizing Committee

SPC (Chair):
Claus Weihs
Faculty of Statistics
Dortmund University of Technology
44221 Dortmund

Session Information Extraction and Retrieval:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Lars Schmidt-Thieme, Krisztian Buza
Information Systems and Machine Learning Lab
University of Hildesheim
31141 Hildesheim