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Internships with our group

Please, follow the following procedure when applying an internship at our laboratory:

  1. First, you need to send us your CV, transcripts of records and any English written materials from your previous work (e.g. project deliverables, publications) to Thorben Werner.
  2. If possible, send a letter of recommendation from one of your current/past supervisors.
  3. Also indicate which agency or organization will you be funded by and what is the deadline of your application for funding. If there are any forms we need to fill for your funding application, please send these materials, too.
  4. We will discuss your application and send you a notification of acceptance in a short time (usually, within three weeks).
  5. If your application was accepted by us and you got the funding from a third party we can start to organize your stay in Hildesheim.

Please note that we cannot offer any direct financial support, and you will have to apply for suitable financial support elsewhere.

We can offer you scientific supervision of your work as well as office space and access to our infrastructure (library, printer, internet, compute cluster etc.). For the time of your stay you are invited to participate in all our group activities. Our secretary can help you to find an inexpensive accommodation in one of the student dormitories here.

Former Interns


Name Year Institute
Mr. Shah Mit Kalpeshbhai May-July 2015 Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India "Learning DTW-Shapelets for Time-Series Classification", in ACM IKDD Conference on Data Science 2016. Best Paper Award
Mr. Dripta Roychaudhuri May-July 2017 Jadavpur University, India
Mr. Ishank Arora May-July 2018 Indian Institute of Technology (BHS) Varanasi, India

Fulbright Scholarship Program (USA)

Name Year Institute
Mr. Baker Bradley Sept 2016- July 2017 Florida/New College, USA