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Courses in summer term 2014 / Lecture Computer Vision

The lecture starts on April 21st.

The course introduces the basic concepts of image processing. Starting with basic methods of image representation, methods of feature extraction, eg of edges, textures and movement, and image analysis, eg the image segmentation, image regularization and image classification presented.


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Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Dr. Lars Schmidt-Thieme
Trainer: Carlotta Schatten
Time: Tue 10-12
Location: B26
Begin: 14.04.2015
Assignment: MSc WI & IMIT
Time: Thu 14-16
Location: B26
Begin: 16.04.2015
Date: 13.08.2015
Location: B26
Begin: 10:00 (s.t.)
Length: 2h
Modul- Handbuch:MHB
Last Lecture: here