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Dekobild im Seitenkopf ISMLL
Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2013 / Praktikumsthemen Künstliche Intelligenz und Maschinelles Lernen


  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems are Systems designed to help students. A personalized Tutor helps each student proposing him or her the best exercise according to the actual knowledge. An example of commercial ITS: http://www.whizz.com/. Task of the student will be to use already existing libraries to develop an exercise recommender. Another task of the student will be to discuss the adding or removing of features, e.g. time needed, age, country, etc. Programming language: Java
  • Artificial Speech Recognition (ASR) has been the human kind dream for decades. First report of speech recognition tasks can be already found in 1920 when the first hardware based systems were developed. Task of the student will be to implement a program performing the common preprocessing of audio signals with the aid of already existing libraries for speech recognition (from .wav to .txt). Programming language: to be defined
  • More can be discovered by analyzing human voice. Four possible tasks are described in: http://emotion-research.net/sigs/speech-sig/is13-compare . Participation to the challenge is not obligatory.
    • In the Social Signals Sub-Challenge, non-linguistic events – laughter and fillers – of a speaker have to be classified and localised based on acoustics.
    • In the Conflict Sub-Challenge, group discussions have to be automatically evaluated aiming at retrieving conflicts.
    • In the Emotion Sub-Challenge, the emotion of a speaker’s voice has to be determined by a suited learning algorithm and acoustic features.
    • In the Autism Sub-Challenge, the type of pathology of a speaker has to be determined by a suited classification algorithm and acoustic features.