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Courses in winter term 2014 / Praktikum: Big Data Analytics

With the world gone mobile with approximately 5 billion cellphones producing data on daily basis, Social networks like Twitter producing 200M tweets every day and systems like crowdsourcing, the storage, retrieval, analysis and learning from large data sets has become a challenging issue that has significant impact in different areas of industry and science. This praktikum will provide hands on experience with one of the following state-of-the-art Big Data Analytics systems.

  • HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • NoSQL (Non-Relational and Largely Distributed Database System)
  • MapReduce and GraphLab (Compute models for large data)
  • Parallel and Distributed Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Groups can start immediately.
  • Each group is supposed to give at least two presentations:
    • a first presentation about ongoing work, showing a first implementation and commenting on problems (around mid term),
    • a final presentation of the whole work (end of term).

Start: We start off on Monday, 27.10.2014. We will make groups and issue topics to be worked on.


  • You can register for topics from now on via email.
  • For topics please contact Umer Khan

(Further) obligatory course dates:

  • Monday, 27.10.2014 (2pm): Kick-Off
  • Monday 17.11.2014(2pm): First-Ideas

Preliminaries: This course is especially suitable for students who attended one of the following lectures last term: Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Machine Learning

Instructor: Umer Khan
Time: Mon 14-18
Begin: Mon 27.10.2014
Assignment: MSc WI & IMIT
Modul- Handbuch:MHB
Last Lecture: here