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Courses in winter term 2015 / BSc/MSc-Praktikum: Big Data Analytics

In this course we provide different practical topics from the areas covered in last terms lectured. The task can be of two praktikums:

  • Design and implement an application. This application should be applied on data from different domains (provided by us)
  • Implement a method proposed in a recent research paper (provided by us), validating the proposed results and proposing improvements or generating new ideas.

The project allows students to gain practical knowledge and capabilities in the respective topic area.

  • Students are encouraged to make a group of 2-3.
  • Software implementation should be done in Java, Matlab or C++.
  • Each topic consists of a tool and its proof-of-concept application in an example domain.
  • Groups can start immediately.
  • Each group is supposed to give at least two presentations:
    • a first presentation about ongoing work, showing a first implementation and commenting on problems (around mid term),
    • a final presentation of the whole work (end of term).

Start: We start off on Monday, 19.10.2015. We will make groups and issue topics to be worked on.


  • You can register for topics from now on via email.
  • For topics please contact Umer Khan

(Further) obligatory course dates:

  • Monday, 19.10.2015 (2pm): Kick-Off
  • Monday 9.11.2015(2pm): First-Ideas

Preliminaries: This course is especially suitable for students who attended one of the following lectures last term: Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Instructor: Umer Khan
Time: Mon 14-18
Location: C 213
Begin: 19.10.2015
Assignment: MSc WI & IMIT
Modul- Handbuch:MHB
Last Lecture: here