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Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2017 / Master-Seminar: Data Analytics


   01. How to Read a Paper[PDF]17.04.2017
   02. How to Prepare a Presentation and Write a Report[PDF]24.04.2017


Pattern Mining - group of graphs

An apriori-based algorithm for mining frequent substructures from graph data, Inokuchi et al., PKDD 2000

Frequent subgraph discovery, Kuramochi et al., ICDM 2001

CloseGraph: mining closed frequent graph patterns, Xifeng et al., KDD 2003

Pattern Mining- One single large graph

Finding frequent patterns in a large sparse graph, Kuramochi et al., ICML 2005

gspan: Graph-based substructure pattern mining, Yan et al., ICDM 2003

Spin: mining maximal frequent subgraphs from graph databases, Huan et al., KDD 2004

Node Clustering

Finding community structure in networks using the eigenvectors of matrices, Newman et al., Physical Review 2006

Mining large networks with subgraph counting, Bordino et al., ICDM 2008

Learning to discover social circles in ego networks, Leskovec et al., NIPS 2012

Centrality Analysis

A measure of betweenness centrality based on random walks, Newman et al., Socila Networks 2005

Graph clustering with network structure indices, Rattigan et al., ICML 2007

Scalable graph clustering using stochastic flows: applications to community discovery, Satuluri et al., KDD 2009

Large Scale

Discovering large dense subgraphs in massive graphs, Gibson et al., VLDB 2005

Social influence analysis in large-scale networks, Tang et al., KDD 2009

Scalable influence maximization for prevalent viral marketing in large-scale social networks, Wei Chen et al., KDD 2010

Community detection

Group formation in large social networks: membership, growth, and evolution, Backstrom et al., KDD 2006

Community mining from signed social networks, Yang et al., IEEE transactions on knowledge and data engineering 2007

Dense subgraph extraction with application to community detection, Chen et al., TKDE 2012

Community detection k-Cliques

Clique precolation in random networks, Derenyi et al., APS 2005

Denser than the densest subgraph: extractiong optimal quasi-cliques with quality guarantees, Tsourakakis et al., KDD 2013

Scalable large near-clique detection in large-scale networks via sampling, Mitzenmacher et al., KDD 2015

Overlapping Communities

Identification of overlapping community structure in complex networks using fuzzy c-means clustering, Zhang et al., Physics A 2007

A fast algorithm to find overlapping communities in networks, Gregory et al., ECML PKDD 2008

Community-affiliation graph model for overlapping network community detection, Yang et al., ICDM 2012

Link prediction 1

The link-prediction problem for social networks, Liben-Nowell et al., JASIST 2007

Local probabilistic models for link prediction, Wang et al., ICDM 2007

Make new friends, but keep the old: recommending people on social networking sites, Chen et al., CHI 2009

Link prediction 2

New perspectives and methods in link prediction, Lichtenwalter et al., KDD 2010

Fast and accurate link prediction in social networking systems, Papadimitriou et al., JSS 2012

Supervised random walks: prediction and recommending links in social networks, Backstrom et al., WSDM 2011

Misc Topics

Computing frequent graph patterns from semistructured data, Vanetik et al., ICDM 2002

node2vec: Scalable feature learning for networks, Grover et al., KDD 2016

Community detection in networks with node attributes, Yang et al., ICDM 2013