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Courses in summer term 2012 / BSc Seminar BI+AI+ML

Topic:Statistical analysis of fMRI Data The goal of this seminar is to examine how we can analyze functional magnetic resonance imaging data to analyze the functioning of the brain.fMRI is a MR technique where 3D brain images are generated while someone performs some cognitive task.The fMRI machine captures the level of oxygenation in the brain and gives a contrasting 3D image.With the advent of functional magnetic resonance imaging technology brain can be viewed and analyzed in high spatiotemporal resolution.The major challenges for this kind of data analysis is the noisy nature of the data and very high dimensional feature space with very less number of examples.

Note on the report 1.3 printed copy and one electronic copy should be submitted 4 weeks after the end of term at most 2.The report should be of 13-15 pages 3.The marks to the seminar is provided based on I.Presentation(including answers to questions) II.Seminar project report III.General participation

Instructor: Neelava SenGupta

Time: Thu 14-16 c.t.
Location: B26
Assignment: WI and IMIT / KI+ML (BSc)
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