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Student Research Projects

The student research projects are designed for students to experience all processes which are involved in doing research on a modern machine learning topic. Students are asked to form a group of five and write a proposal for their own research in one area, which will be evaluated. If the research is granted, the students are expected to work for a time period of roughly nine months involving state-of-the-art machine learning technologies. More information is given through the following presentation which includes all areas, proposal writing instructions and more general information:

   Student Research Projects Presentation [PDF]
An Annual Student Research Conference is held in December which aims to bring together our machine learning students, newly enrolled, enrolled students, and company representatives, to exchange and share their research results on all aspects of Machine Learning. It provides a unique opportunity to showcase a hard year's effort in a series of sessions in which students present their findings, and are offered a chance to answer interesting questions. The conference also kick-starts the upcoming year's student research project by introducing new topics, which are offered and co-supervised by companies as well as by our very own PhD students!
   SRPConf2019 Schedule [PDF]
   SRPConf2019 Agenda [PDF]