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Student Research Projects (2022)

The student research projects are designed for students to experience all processes which are involved in doing research on a modern machine learning topic. Students are asked to form a group of five and write a proposal for their own research in one area, which will be evaluated. If the research is granted, the students are expected to work for a time period of roughly nine months involving state-of-the-art machine learning technologies. More information is given through the following presentation which includes all areas, proposal writing instructions and more general information:


The student research project accounts for 15 ECTS (6+9 ECTS) to the students and runs through two terms. Student work in groups of 4-5 with an additional requirement that the group be made up of an internationally diverse members.

Conduct of SRPs

Each year a new round of SRPs are started by the first and second term students. They are introduced to the new topics at the SRP Conference where the students from the previous year, showcase their work. The students are then allowed to form groups of 4-5 members and start meeting with the supervisors to discuss the topics in details. The students who are unable to form groups are offered a Match Making session in January to ensure that no student is without a topic or a supervisor.

Timeline of Events:
Event Dates Description
Topic Introduction 16.12.2021 Idea discussion / Final presentation
Proposal Deadline 31.03.2022 Submission of proposal from students
Notifications 16.04.2022 Finalize students project and feedback
First presentation 08.06.2022 Interim presentation (1) (15 mins presentation and 15 mins QA)
Second presentation 06.10.2022 Interim presentation (2) (15 mins presentation and 15 mins QA)
Final presentation 02.12.2022 Final presentation and project fare / Idea discussion New (15 + 15 mins presentation and QA)
Final Report Deadline 31.03.2023 Deliverable submission deadline
Proposal Requirement:
Section Length
1. Problem Setting 0.5 - 1 Page
2. State-of-the-art 0.5 - 1 Page
3. Data Foundation 0.25 - 0.5 Page
4. Research Idea 0.5 - 1 Page
5. Tangible Outcomes 1 Sentence- 0.5 Page
6. Work Plan 0.25 - 0.5 Page
7. Resources 1 Sentence- 0.25 Page
8. Team 0.25 - 0.5 Page
References No Limit
Tangible Outcomes

The end result of the year long research can be any of the following:

Item Description
Workshop Paper Usually 8-16 pages
Software Documentation Not just API documentation, but a story about requirements, design, implementation etc. approx. 30 pages
Business Plan For a start-up company
Project Report Approximately 40 pages describing your work