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Cooperation with Calcucare :
(since 2005)
In the scope of this cooperation anonymized patient data is analysed systematcially for spotting indicators for an improvement or eventually a personalization of treatments, e.g., models for predicting risk as well as assessing risk factors of dialysis patients.

Coperation with Infineon Technologies (since 2005):
During the production of wafers many tests are made that decide about if a chip on a wafer is shipped or not. In the scope of this cooperation we analyze models for spotting patterns in these failures that allow ingeneers to conclude about possbile causes.

Cooperation with SAS in the area of Data Mining:
(since 2002; last reneweal May 2006)
In the scope of this cooperation the ISMLL has licenses for the Enterprise Miner software by SAS. In return, research results w.r.t. data mining, especially for e-commerce applications, are transfered in the SAS community.