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Courses in summer term 2012 / Lecture Business Analytics

Please register for this course in LSF, if you would like to attend it.

The lecture covers basic concepts of data analyzing techniques useful in business analytics as well as in customer relationship. Hence, students will get knowledge about choosing, using and assessing the approppriate tools for analyzing business data and for providing personalized recommendations for customers.

The lecture covers the following topic areas:
- Knowledge discovery in databases,
- Descriptive, Predictive and Forecasting Methods in Data mining,
- Personalization and Recommender Systems.

Lecturer: Dr. Tomáš Horváth
Trainer: Osman Akcatepe
Time: Wed 8-10 c.t.,
Thu 8-10 c.t. (bi-weekly)
Location: D017 Spl
Begin: 25.04.12
Assignment: IS / BI (MSc)
Time: Thu 16-18 c.t.
Location: B26
Begin: 03.05.12
Date: 17.07.12
Location: B26
Begin: 10.00
Length: 2 hrs.
Last Lecture: