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Courses in summer term 2021 / Lecture Big Data Analytics / Lecture Script

Lecture Recordings

Lecture recordings are uploaded to the learning web "SoSe 2021: 3103 Big Data Analytics".

Lecture Slides:

   00. Introduction [PDF]27.04.2020
   A1. Threads [PDF]04.05.2020
   A2. Message Passing Interface (MPI) [PDF]11.05.2020
   A3. Graphic Processing Units [PDF]18.05.2020
   B1. Distributed File System [PDF]25.05.2020
   B2. Relational Databases for Big Data [PDF]08.06.2020
   B3. NoSQL Databases for Big Data [PDF]15.06.2020
   C1. MapReduce [PDF]22.06.2020
   C2. Resilient Distributed Datasets (Spark) [PDF]29.06.2020
   C3. Computational Graphs (TensorFlow) [PDF]06.07.2020
   D1. Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent [PDF]13.07.2020
   D2. Distributed Matrix Factorization [PDF]13.07.2020
    Questions and Answers [PDF]13.07.2020