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Courses in winter term 2007/2008 / Lecture Machine Learning: Exercises

Exercise sheets and tutorial lessons are in German. If you want, you can hand in your solutions in English.

The submission deadline for the exercises is usually 8 days after handing out. You can either drop the solutions into the box no. 57, or submit it personally (before/after the lectures) or by e-mail (as PDF or PS file) to Zeno Gantner.

If you have any questions concerning the exercises or the tutorial, please contact Zeno Gantner.

   Exercise sheet 0[PDF]25.10.07
   Exercise sheet 1 - iris data set, Introduction to R[PDF]29.10.07
   Exercise sheet 2 - cpu performance data set[PDF]05.11.07
   Exercise sheet 3[PDF]12.11.07
   Exercise sheet 4[PDF]19.11.07
   Exercise sheet 5[PDF]26.11.07
   Exercise sheet 6[PDF]03.12.07
   Exercise sheet 7[PDF]10.12.07
   Exercise sheet 8[PDF]17.12.07
   Exercise sheet 9[PDF]07.01.08
   Exercise sheet 10[PDF]14.01.08
   Exercise sheet 11[PDF]21.01.08
   Exercise sheet 12[PDF]28.01.08
   Exercise sheet 13[PDF]04.02.08