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Courses in summer term 2014 / Seminar Bachelor-Seminar: Artificial Intelligence

Opinion Mining in Twitter

The amount of data in social networks and microblogs, like e.g. Twitter, inceased enormously in the recent years.

Hence, it makes sense to analyse and make use of this data. An important application is for instance the automatic interpretation of product reviews or the automatic recognition of the sentiment or opinion of the author of an investigated document. This kind of text analysis belongs to the areas Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis and is an extension of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

In this seminar we want to investigate state-of-the-art Opinion Mining methods applied to Twitter. Each student gets one recent paper from this area and shall present, interprete and classify it. For this purpose a seminar paper and a talk has to be prepared.

Introduction slides

Writing hints

Example (pdf)

Latex template (zip)

Instructor: Ruth Janning
Time: Wed 14-16
Location: B25
Begin: 23.04.14
Assignment: BSc WI & IMIT
Modul- Handbuch:MHB
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