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Courses in winter term 2011/2012 / MSc Seminar BI+AI+ML

"Master Seminar Machine Learning" from area Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

"Master Seminar Business Intelligence" area Computer science in the narrow sense economic / business intelligence (WI)

"Seminar Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Master)" for IMIT WI

The seminar is focused on Web Mining related topics. The topics of interest involve - but are not limited to - tag recommendation, link prediction, opinion mining and recommender systems.

The schedule of the seminar is the following:

  • 1st week: Introduction top the field and checking students' skills and experiences with the topics
  • next 2-3 weeks: Providing some basics about the fields of interests we'll study. At the end of this period students choose a research paper they will work on, i.e. try to understand, implement, etc.
  • next 6 weeks: Students' own work on the selected paper. At the end of this period students send a written material about the chosen paper in pdf format of at least 10 pages.
  • Last 2-3 seminars: Students' presentations about their projects.

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Dr. Lars Schmidt-Thieme and Dr. Tomáš Horváth

Time: Thu 14-16 c.t.
Location: B26
Assignment: IS / BI+KI+ML (MSc)
Modul- Handbuch:MHB
Last Seminar: here