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Automated Development of Data Analysis


With the rise of digitalization businesses everywhere are able to collect more data than ever before. However oftentimes the raw data can be very challenging to analyse. In recent years Machine Learning (ML) has established itself as a core technology for data scientists to tackle these problems.

However many companies, especially small and medium sized businesses. still have no experience whatsoverever when it comes to intelligent analysis of big data. Oftentimes this is because they lack the recourses to create the necessary IT infrastructure as well as the expertise to apply ML techniques.

Although the big players (MS, IBM, Amazon, etc.) nowadays offer cheap cloud storage and computing to address the first problem, many medium sized businesses strictly prefer to have full control over their own sensitive data and do not want use such services. PSIORI offers consulting and support for their customers to pursue their own individual solution.

Secondly, many medium sized businesses typically are unfamiliar with the benefits to expect from Big Data analysis, which often undermines their willingness to invest in this key technology in the first place. PSIORI offers customers proof-of-concept demonstrations to help them decide which investments in Big Data and Machine Learning are sensible for their company. However, even such proof of concept demonstrations can be prohibitively expensive. Within the ADDA project, PSIORI aims to develop a fast and economical "quick analysis" tool to lower the initial hurdle for small companies to take a first step into industry 4.0. The goal of the ISMLL is to find novel meta learning techniques which allow for a fast, automated hyperparameter optimization procedure of machine learning models.

Partner: PSIORI GmbH

Prof. Schmidt-Thieme
Randolf Scholz
Rafael Drumond