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Projects & Cooperations / REMIX:

Visitors to physical museums are often overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available in the space they are exploring, making it difficult to select personally interesting content. Personalization solutions can provide the required user-centered interactivity between the visitors and the museums. The aim of the REMIX ("RFID-Enhanced Museum for Interactive Experience") project is to address this problem using recommender systems which are among the most successful personalization technologies. It exploits RFID technology to collect visitors' interests non-intrusively while they are visiting the exhibits. RFID technology is among the best solutions for this issue because it is cheap, fast, robust, and available everywhere. Such personalized solutions can be involved to assist visitors during their visit (online case) as well as to enhance their post-museum exploration (offline case), e.g., the interaction that visitors have after their visit when they can explore the museum's web site to get additional information for the exhibits they are interested for. Moreover, the proposed project's information system will offer to museums the ability to monitor and analyze the preference of visitors during their interaction with the exhibits. Therefore, the proposed system will be appealing both to visitors and museums. All these factors can significantly help to increase both the number of visitors and the quality of services they are provided by the museum.

Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum
Technical University of Clausthal, Institut for Electrical Information Technology
Bornemann Company

Alexandros Nanopoulos
Rasoul Karimi


  • Rasoul Karimi, Alexandros Nanopoulos, Lars Schmidt-Thieme (2011):
    RFID-Enhanced Museum for Interactive Experience, in MultiMedia for Cultural Heritage (MM4CH), Modena, Italy. PDF