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Courses in winter term 2008/2009 / Lecture Bayesian Networks: Exercises

The lecture and the tutorial lessons are in German. If you want, you can hand in your solutions in English.

The submission deadline for the exercises is usually one week after handing out. You can either drop the solutions into the box no. 57, or submit it personally (before/after the lectures) or by e-mail (as PDF or PS file) to Zeno Gantner.

If you have any questions concerning the exercises or the tutorial, please contact Zeno Gantner.

Time: Tue, 10-12
Wed, 10-12*
Location:B26 Spl
Start: October 21st
Time: Tue, 12-14
Location:A9, Spl.
Start: October 28th
Location: B26 Spl
Length: 120 minutes

* The lectures on Wednesday are held every second week, starting October 29th.