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Courses in winter term 2008/2009 / Lecture Bayesian Networks: Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes

The lecture is held in German, however, the lecture notes are in English.

You may also have a look at the slides for last year's lecture.

   1. Introduction[PDF]21.10.2008
   2. Probabilistic Independence and Separation in Graphs: Undirected Graphs[PDF]28.10.+29.10.2008

The test is an open book exam; you are allowed to use books, lecture notes and a non-programmable calculator.

Time: Tue, 10-12
Wed, 10-12*
Location:B26 Spl
Start: October 21st
Time: Tue, 12-14
Location:A9, Spl.
Start: October 28th
Location: B26 Spl
Length: 120 minutes

* The lectures on Wednesday are held every second week, starting October 29th.