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Courses in winter term 2013/2014 / Bsc/MSc Business Analytics

Prediction of product prices is a crucial element of business analytics, combining a strong real-life motivation with the opportunities offered by large data collection and storage facilities. In this seminar the emphasis will be on utilizing data mining approaches in analysing historical data which describes buyers and market behaviors. Our aim is to detect patterns and regularities in the historical data in order to be able to predict product prices in the future.

Specifically we will focus on:

  1. Predicting not only "what" to buy but also "when" to buy a product
  2. Prediction Markets, which support decision-making via analysing speculative behaviors
  3. Option Pricing, that helps investitors to sense risks and understand an asset's future price
  4. Stock trend prediction, which enables profit maximization through market forecasting
The kick off presentation with guidelines is found here.

Instructor: Josif Grabocka

Time: Thu 16-18 c.t.
Location: B26
Assignment: WI and IMIT / BI (BSc/MSc)
Modul- Handbuch:MHB