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Software / Frequent Itemset Mining Algorithms Template Library

Frequent itemset mining is one of the standard methods for association analysis today. Working on large collections of set-valued transactions, it enumerates all subsets of items that occur at least a given minimal times in transactions. The main obstacle is the exponential number of possible subsets, so that special search strategies have to be employed.

We implemented the three main algorithms for this problem, Apriori, Eclat, and Fp-Growth in C++ using generic programming for optimizing speed. For each base algorithm, many algorithmic features are available for configuration, covering a large number of variants.

Developers: Ferenc Bodon, Balazs Racz, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

Download: fim_env.tar.bz2 (v1.0.3 from March 14, 2006)

Related publications:

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See also: Ferenc Bodons page for our library