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International Master's Program in Data Analytics

In today's globalized business world, the ability to extract and analyze relevant information from large volumes of complex data provides a competitive edge to businesses in every market. In industry, there is a huge demand of skilled employees with strong analytical skills and command of current analytical technology to process this huge data into meaningful business information, cross-trained in the respective application domain for better collaboration in interdisciplinary teams.

The International Master's Program in Data Analytics combines both, a deep and thorough introduction to cutting edge research in Machine learning, Big Data and analytical technology and complementary training in selected application domains. Data Analytics will provide students the knowledge and skills required for modeling and analysis of complex systems in application domains from business such as marketing and logistics as well as from science such as computer science and environmental science based on modern state-of-the-art Machine Learning methods. The program is designed and taught in close collaboration of experienced faculty and experts in machine learning and selected application domains.

The Data Analytics program combines complex mathematical and statistical models and methods from machine learning with problems from an application domain using tools and techniques for processing Big Data. The programs is structured in a way that it builds on the core data modeling and data analytics knowledge with application on the large volume of real-world data using modern big data technologies such as the Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL etc. All participants of the program will get hands on experience of handling large scale real-world data on a state-of the art compute cluster and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Services.

Career Prospects

The Master's program in Data Analytics enables students to take up challenging research in the interdisciplinary field with major focus on data analytics. This program will propel students towards a successful career path as data scientists, data engineers and business consultants in our highly competitive corporate world. Upon completion of the study program some of the related career paths for students are:
  • Research Scientist in Data Analytics
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst

Program Requirements

The Master’s program in Data Analytics is highly relevant for students aiming to pursue their career in research in an interdisciplinary field, data analytics, or a related industry. Students with Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics and related fields are eligible to apply. Generally, students with strong analytical, mathematical and statistical base and good programming skills are more suited for this program.

English language

English language proficiency is required to undertake the International Master’s program in Data Analytics. Sufficient knowledge of English can be demonstrated by a certificate (TOEFL computer based test score of 61 or above; IELTS band of 6 or above; or an equivalent certificate) or a German Abitur. If your prior degree is taught in English, than we need a document of your university stating that your studies have been completely taught in English. Stamped and signed by your university. more

Admission Documents

Following documents are required for applying for admission in the International Master’s Program in Data Analytics:
  • A copy of bachelor, master, or diploma degree certificate, including the transcript of records (all documents must be in English or have English translation)
  • English Language certificate (or equivalent)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • if you got your Bachelor degree in please upload your APS certificate in one of the slots for the English language certificates (we do not have a dedicated slot for the APS certificate yet).

Application Deadlines

Winter Term
Application portal opening April 1
Deadline for Non-EU students: June 30
Deadline for EU students August 31
Term start October 1 (lectures start approx. Oct. 2nd week)
Summer Term
Application portal opening September 19
Deadline for Non-EU students: December 15
Deadline for EU students February 15
Term start April 1 (lectures start approx. Apr. 2nd week)
Application can only be submitted through online application portal Apply now . We admit continuously, therefore we recommend you to apply as soon as possible.

Eligible admissions are prioritized according to the following criteria:

  • overall mark of your Bachelor (53%),
  • amount and marks of Bachelor courses related to Data Analytics (incl. math and programming, 35%),
  • prior research activities in Data Analytics (6%) and
  • prior practical activities in Data Analytics (6%).

Fee and Expense

German universities do not have tuition fees. The only fees you have to pay to the university are so called social fees, €398.89 per semester. For detail information on living cost please visit FAQs

Accreditation and Regulations

The International Master in Data Analytics is accredited by ACQUIN as master program. Formally, it is regulated by the admission and examination regulations of Information Management and Information Technology.
Winter Term
Admission Portal opens Apr 1
Deadline for Non-EU students: June 30
Deadline for EU students Aug 31
Term start Oct 1
Summer Term
Admission Portal opens Sep 19
Deadline for Non-EU students: Dec 15
Deadline for EU students Feb 15
Term start Apr 1
  • Submit your application through online application portal APPLY .
  • We admit continuously, therefore we recommend you to apply as soon as possible.
Program Summary
  • Program Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. Lars Schmidt-Thieme
  • Duration: 2 years (full-time)
  • Credits: 120 CPs
  • Language: English
  • Start Date: Monday, October 17, 2016
  • Application: Open